Founded in 2012 by friends Erin Neale & Tara Pearce, Erin & Tara are two of Australia’s leading wedding photographers for modern lovers in search of soulful yet polished photography.

Inspired by the thought that a love story should be timeless, Erin & Tara’s artistic direction distills the emotion and energy from the day, just as much as the individual moments. Frames told truthfully and expressively, immortalising not only the magnificent moments but the dozens of secretly significant moments, in between, for a style of visual storytelling that is as transportive and moving when revisited in years to come, as the day it was captured. Raw, honest, romantic and instantly recognisable, Erin & Tara are behind the lens of some of the most stylish and soulful weddings ever captured.

With a signature approach that blends a documentary honesty with the (seemingly effortless) elegance of an editorial, the artistic direction of Erin & Tara is unique. Erin & Tara is synonymous with romantic, expressive and timeless photography. Underpinned by shared artistic values and a soulful approach, they are bound by a love of couture, creative compositions and an eye for detail, bringing to life every small element in the most moving way. Ethereal, light-filled images of a bride stepping into her gown, the poetic movement of her dress, a secretly shed tear from the groom. The most fleeting moments of pure romance between a couple.

Their work is regularly published on digital platforms and quality print publications, including; Harpers Bazaar, Vogue Bride, Vogue Magazine (Italy), Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine, White Magazine, Bride Magazine (AU), Bride Magazine (USA), Blush Weddings Magazine (USA), Real Weddings Magazine, The Lane and Elle Magazine (Japan).

Not only founders and artistic directors of their own successful brand and studio (POET), together Erin & Tara co-founded Say PEACE! Posters, a philanthropic initiative to raise awareness & aid following the Syria crisis. Most recently their love of fashion manifested in a design collaboration into the world of resort wear, with their chic offering was met with International applaud, featured in Vogue Paris and Vogue Australia.

Based just outside of Melbourne, their work is sought out by brides and designers across Australia and around the world.