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Lilli + Tommy

liz arcus - beautiful !

Stefani Mae - Amazing! You ladies nail it, every time!

Sal - You both are so very talented. Can’t wait for next March!

James Frost - Awesome frames :)

John - Awesome work E&T! And congratulations Tom & Lilly!

Lilli - These are so beautiful ladies! Thank you thank you thank you! xx

Kelly Gilbert - Love it!

chelsea parsons - sweet sweet sweet

Eric Ronald - Really nice stuff ladies! Natural moments captured beautifully.

todd hunter mcgaw - shazamm! nice coverage :)

Scout - hell flippen yes!!

Jesse Hisco - Incredible well framed girls. Love every image from start to finish.

SHANE SHEPHERD - Awesome wedding and work as always guys!

Zosia - You ladies are super talented :) Love it all!

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Kirby + Jack


Bride + bridesmaids dresses: Anna Campbell

Hair: Chris Hunter  from Valonz 

Make-up: Melonie Santos

Flowers + Styling: Prunella

Catering: Piper St Food Co 


Sarah Williams - You guys… seriously! This is amazing beyond words. Love love love xx

Liz - Such beautiful imagery, these gave me goose bumps!

Kate@MagnoliaRouge - Oh my I love this!!! Their pup looks just like our Charlie!! The florals are to die for…. beautiful job ladies xo

Renee - This wedding looks amazing! Where is this location? You are amazing photographers! :)

Pierrot - Stunning. I’ve been waiting with baited breath since the preview!

Scout - what a lovely wedding, bless. perfectly captured.

Tamarin - Beautiful photos of a stunning wedding. Really love the headpieces, just gorgeous

Eric - Very nicely done ladies!

SHANE SHEPHERD - GUYS!!! So well captured. Killed it. *high-five*

Alicia Langford - Stunning! lOve it all! Who are the flowers by? Prunella?

Tina - love the doggie, the horsie , the flowers, the lawn.. just love Erin and Tara x

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Julia + Driss

Wendy - You don’t know me and I have just ‘stumbled’ onto your photos on the net but I really want to say how amazingly beautiful they are. This wedding looks magic and you have captured the joy and love there so wonderfully. Congratulations.

Lucy - Stunning work as always ladies!

Julian Beattie - Absolutely. Nailed. It.

shane shepherd - daaaamn… totally kicked this wedding out of the park!

Tam - u.n.b.e.l.i.e.v.a.b.l.e ! Magic. xxt

Kate@MagnoliaRouge - This is just stunning!!

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Lovely Wedding Magazine {editorial}


We love creating editorial stories and was super exciting to be asked by Loni from Lovely Wedding Magazine if we (together with the talented Prunella team) would like to create a ‘New Years’ wedding. You can see it in Lovely Wedding Magazine  Summer 2012 issue.


Credits: Styling/Flowers: Prunella | Hair + Make-up: Melinda | Model: Lucy James |  Food:  Inner Biscuit

Sarah - I loved this feature!

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Brooke + James


And they lived happily ever after….


Bride’s Dress: Jenny Packham

Bride’s Shoes: Kosheen

Flowers: Blooming Brides

Reception: Stones of the Yarra Valley

Singers : Jake Butler + Sally Bayes


Tina Bingham - all too gorgeous x

Kate H - The most breathtaking & beautiful wedding. Brooke made the most stunning bride! Brilliant photos that captured the day perfectly, they should be in a magazine! xxx

Simon - What a STUNNING set. Amazing.

Scout - This is so awesome it makes me sick.

Love sick!! Love it.

Becky - So very beautiful…

Sally & Susi - Absolutely stunning photos! Relived the day all again :)

Brooke - Amazing! I love the story telling

Simone - Stunning.. Just Stunning!

Julia - Love it! Stunning :)

Alice - Hello, gorgeous wedding, where did you get the stationary done?

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Penny + Daniel


Here’s to Penny and Daniel.  Such generous, kind spirited people. They met when they were 12 … 12!!  This is truly and enduring love and it was a beautiful thing to witness.  With their three amazing children by their side, they were married at The Castlemaine Gardens.  We had so much fun shooting this gorgeous wedding, everyone made us feel so welcome.  Thanks Penny and Daniel, we wish you every happiness .x.x.x.x.

Scout - You girls!!! Amazing.

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Meave + Simon


The sun shone and the gin flowed  (just to clean the diamonds in the house).  Meave + Simon’s family + friends travelled from all parts of the world to share a truely magical and long awaited day. We wish you all best .x.


Dress: Monique Ihuillier

Wedding stationary: Some Studio

Chapel: St John the Evangelist Anglican,  Flinders.

Reception:  T’Gallant

Flowers: Verdant Flowers

Stylist: Holly & Rose


Jess - Such a beautiful bride and photos!

Helen.P - Gorgeous x

Simon P Taylor - Beautiful work!

Lucy - That’s an amazing wedding dress and a beautiful story of love.

Scout - Fantastic images, love the dress.

Lee Walsh - These are some of the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen. Congratulations Maeve and Simon.

xian alexander - Beautifully captured!

Ashley - the most perfect images! the bride looks of another era, beautiful.

Lee - My god. Both of you look delicious. The shots are outstanding. Great job. The colours are so vivid. What a great collection of memories they are. You must be so happy with the shots.

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Anna + Iain


We were really lucky with Anna and Iain.  Apart from having  a lovely apartment overlooking the city, a ceremony in a beautiful chapel and a magical reception at the awesome Montsalvat, they have a love for each other that some only dream about.   We wish them all the happiness in their life together and thank them for letting us capture their day, it was a blast!

Sarah Williams - Absolutely gorgeous – what a sweet couple! x

Simon - holy amaze – what a stunning set!

Farrah Allan - So so beautiful – and I totally recognise these locations from my morning walks :)

Lucie - Ladies, this is very special. Cannot wait for April x

Tracie Ellis - These are just stunning, they do look amazing, thankyou for sharing. It was a pleasure to look through them and you are truely very talented !

Scout - Hell yes!

Paula - Truly outstanding photography!

Mary - The most beautiful photos and they tell a beautiful story.

Becc - Everyone had such a wonderful day! Thank you Erin and Tara for documenting it so beautifully (and for being genuinely lovely while doing so)!

Kate - Hi I was hoping you could let me know where a bouts in the city the city style photos were taken (especially the grey wall and Undercover walkway) as you photos are amazing?


shane shepherd - you’re killing me guys! these are GREAT.

catherine - Just found your work and I can’t stop browsing your blog posts. Amazing!

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Tegan + Nick



Tegan + Nick surprised friends and family at their ‘engagement party’ by getting hitched.

 We wish them and their lovely, cute, little kids a beautiful life together.


Jess - Absolutely stunning photo!

Lizy.G - I am completely obsessed with this photo. Stunning work! x

James - Awesome

Lucy+Pete - WOW…this is truely a work of art!!!!!

Sarah Williams - Gorgeous xx

Lucie - Wow ladies! Absolutely love this one!

Melissa - I love this wedding and hope you are free to capture mine in March.

marianna hinch - We were delighted, not at all surprised Nick and Tegan.
Stunning wedding, stunning photographs.
Marianna and Trevor (Nick’s parents)

eva wilson - Everyone looks wonderfully happy and Tegan you look absolutely fabulous! x eva

James Frost - Really really awesome job! :)

Jesse Hisco - In love with the frame of her in the greenhouse. Such a great story

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A dream wedding




Claire - Amazing work girls. x

Mandy Lee - LOVE!

eve - Seriously the best!

Emily Vawser - perfection, i love every little pixel!!!

and the deer with his pretty flowers *sigh* just lovely!!

Lucy - What a fabulous combination of georgeous flowers with gorgeous photography. How exciting for you all to be working together – I’m sure you’ll create some stunning weddings and capture beautiful lifelong memories for people.
Lucy x

Mandy Bee - Great photos and with the flowers it all looks great!

Jesse Hisco - This is what i’m talking about ladies! simply incredible work and it just keeps coming!

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Laura + Jeremy

“You are my alcohol and nicotine, My silver flask and cigarette machine. You watch and scratch my back, you scrub me clean. I mumble but you still know what I mean. Know what I mean? You read my thoughts, you see what I have seen. You are my egg-flip and my ego trip, My passion-fruit soufflé and strawberry whip. When the dawn comes to catch you on the hip I taste the sweet light on my fingertip. My fingertip? I lift it to my quivering lips and sip. You are my honeydew and panther sweat, The music library on my private jet. Top of the bill, we fly without a net. You are the stroke of luck I can’t forget. I can’t forget? I’m still not ready for you even yet The ring is closed. The rolling dice we cast, So long ago still roll but not so fast. The colours fade that we nailed to the mast. We lose the future but we own the past. We own the past? From our first kiss, a lifetime to the last”. (Excerpt) Clive James, Anniversary Serenade.


Laura + Jeremy… WHAT a couple.  A love like their’s is amazing, sweet and inspiring to witness. They celebrated their love with beautiful friends, family, a taco truck and such vigour.  We are truly honoured to have been a part of their special day.


chrissy vickers - Everything about the day was sublime, divine; laughter, joy everywhere here and there; rippling through and past kith and kin, through and around friends , each one feeling blessed to know the groom and bride, even the laying ladies gave a chortle of approval as the words and celebrant concluded. Thereafter hours of partying into the night sky. Long and forever may they continue the journey together……..

Sarah - Gorgeous! I absolutely love this. Such a wonderful storyboard!

John Deer - Pure Awesomeness ^_^

Ags - So very, very lovely. Purrs and kisses xx

Lisa - Very cool photos.

Dav - Such beautiful photos Erin +Tara x

Agi - beautiful photography!

betbrown - Fantasic Photos

Dee Shepherd - Loving those angles! Just lovely x

James frost - Un real !! Such a creative wedding ! Great story telling too love every image :)

Kristen - Such honest and artistic documentation. A really, really, beautiful portrayal of love and personality x

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Amy + Ben

01 Into My Arms

Amy + Ben secretly planned to marry at their engagement party. Set in the romantic woodlands of Trentham, friends and family witnessed two true high school sweethearts become one.

Carol Williams - What a wonderful day and a fabulous surprise for the whole family and friends. Great Photo’s

Kerry Crosbie - Truly beautiful & special moment for us all. Love you both dearly.

Jesse Tyrrell - Such gorgeous photographs! I love the old style one with the glum faces, always wanted to do that. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Erin mathieson and David shaughnessy - These photos are beautiful looked like such a lovely day congratulations wish we were there .

Lee-Anne higham - A magical night…

carol dunbar - wat a happy and wonderful nite and surprise, thank you Amy and Ben im 1 happy and proud mum

Creative image - Nice photography…

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