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Laura + Jeremy

“You are my alcohol and nicotine, My silver flask and cigarette machine. You watch and scratch my back, you scrub me clean. I mumble but you still know what I mean. Know what I mean? You read my thoughts, you see what I have seen. You are my egg-flip and my ego trip, My passion-fruit soufflé and strawberry whip. When the dawn comes to catch you on the hip I taste the sweet light on my fingertip. My fingertip? I lift it to my quivering lips and sip. You are my honeydew and panther sweat, The music library on my private jet. Top of the bill, we fly without a net. You are the stroke of luck I can’t forget. I can’t forget? I’m still not ready for you even yet The ring is closed. The rolling dice we cast, So long ago still roll but not so fast. The colours fade that we nailed to the mast. We lose the future but we own the past. We own the past? From our first kiss, a lifetime to the last”. (Excerpt) Clive James, Anniversary Serenade.


Laura + Jeremy… WHAT a couple.  A love like their’s is amazing, sweet and inspiring to witness. They celebrated their love with beautiful friends, family, a taco truck and such vigour.  We are truly honoured to have been a part of their special day.


chrissy vickers - Everything about the day was sublime, divine; laughter, joy everywhere here and there; rippling through and past kith and kin, through and around friends , each one feeling blessed to know the groom and bride, even the laying ladies gave a chortle of approval as the words and celebrant concluded. Thereafter hours of partying into the night sky. Long and forever may they continue the journey together……..

Sarah - Gorgeous! I absolutely love this. Such a wonderful storyboard!

John Deer - Pure Awesomeness ^_^

Ags - So very, very lovely. Purrs and kisses xx

Lisa - Very cool photos.

Dav - Such beautiful photos Erin +Tara x

Agi - beautiful photography!

betbrown - Fantasic Photos

Dee Shepherd - Loving those angles! Just lovely x

James frost - Un real !! Such a creative wedding ! Great story telling too love every image :)

Kristen - Such honest and artistic documentation. A really, really, beautiful portrayal of love and personality x

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