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Meave + Simon


The sun shone and the gin flowed  (just to clean the diamonds in the house).  Meave + Simon’s family + friends travelled from all parts of the world to share a truely magical and long awaited day. We wish you all best .x.


Dress: Monique Ihuillier

Wedding stationary: Some Studio

Chapel: St John the Evangelist Anglican,  Flinders.

Reception:  T’Gallant

Flowers: Verdant Flowers

Stylist: Holly & Rose


Jess - Such a beautiful bride and photos!

Helen.P - Gorgeous x

Simon P Taylor - Beautiful work!

Lucy - That’s an amazing wedding dress and a beautiful story of love.

Scout - Fantastic images, love the dress.

Lee Walsh - These are some of the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen. Congratulations Maeve and Simon.

xian alexander - Beautifully captured!

Ashley - the most perfect images! the bride looks of another era, beautiful.

Lee - My god. Both of you look delicious. The shots are outstanding. Great job. The colours are so vivid. What a great collection of memories they are. You must be so happy with the shots.

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