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Meave + Simon


The sun shone and the gin flowed  (just to clean the diamonds in the house).  Meave + Simon’s family + friends travelled from all parts of the world to share a truely magical and long awaited day. We wish you all best .x.


Dress: Monique Ihuillier

Wedding stationary: Some Studio

Chapel: St John the Evangelist Anglican,  Flinders.

Reception:  T’Gallant

Flowers: Verdant Flowers

Stylist: Holly & Rose


Jess - Such a beautiful bride and photos!

Helen.P - Gorgeous x

Simon P Taylor - Beautiful work!

Lucy - That’s an amazing wedding dress and a beautiful story of love.

Scout - Fantastic images, love the dress.

Lee Walsh - These are some of the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen. Congratulations Maeve and Simon.

xian alexander - Beautifully captured!

Ashley - the most perfect images! the bride looks of another era, beautiful.

Lee - My god. Both of you look delicious. The shots are outstanding. Great job. The colours are so vivid. What a great collection of memories they are. You must be so happy with the shots.

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Anna + Iain


We were really lucky with Anna and Iain.  Apart from having  a lovely apartment overlooking the city, a ceremony in a beautiful chapel and a magical reception at the awesome Montsalvat, they have a love for each other that some only dream about.   We wish them all the happiness in their life together and thank them for letting us capture their day, it was a blast!

Sarah Williams - Absolutely gorgeous – what a sweet couple! x

Simon - holy amaze – what a stunning set!

Farrah Allan - So so beautiful – and I totally recognise these locations from my morning walks :)

Lucie - Ladies, this is very special. Cannot wait for April x

Tracie Ellis - These are just stunning, they do look amazing, thankyou for sharing. It was a pleasure to look through them and you are truely very talented !

Scout - Hell yes!

Paula - Truly outstanding photography!

Mary - The most beautiful photos and they tell a beautiful story.

Becc - Everyone had such a wonderful day! Thank you Erin and Tara for documenting it so beautifully (and for being genuinely lovely while doing so)!

Kate - Hi I was hoping you could let me know where a bouts in the city the city style photos were taken (especially the grey wall and Undercover walkway) as you photos are amazing?


shane shepherd - you’re killing me guys! these are GREAT.

catherine - Just found your work and I can’t stop browsing your blog posts. Amazing!

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Tegan + Nick



Tegan + Nick surprised friends and family at their ‘engagement party’ by getting hitched.

 We wish them and their lovely, cute, little kids a beautiful life together.


Jess - Absolutely stunning photo!

Lizy.G - I am completely obsessed with this photo. Stunning work! x

James - Awesome

Lucy+Pete - WOW…this is truely a work of art!!!!!

Sarah Williams - Gorgeous xx

Lucie - Wow ladies! Absolutely love this one!

Melissa - I love this wedding and hope you are free to capture mine in March.

marianna hinch - We were delighted, not at all surprised Nick and Tegan.
Stunning wedding, stunning photographs.
Marianna and Trevor (Nick’s parents)

eva wilson - Everyone looks wonderfully happy and Tegan you look absolutely fabulous! x eva

James Frost - Really really awesome job! :)

Jesse Hisco - In love with the frame of her in the greenhouse. Such a great story

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A dream wedding




Claire - Amazing work girls. x

Mandy Lee - LOVE!

eve - Seriously the best!

Emily Vawser - perfection, i love every little pixel!!!

and the deer with his pretty flowers *sigh* just lovely!!

Lucy - What a fabulous combination of georgeous flowers with gorgeous photography. How exciting for you all to be working together – I’m sure you’ll create some stunning weddings and capture beautiful lifelong memories for people.
Lucy x

Mandy Bee - Great photos and with the flowers it all looks great!

Jesse Hisco - This is what i’m talking about ladies! simply incredible work and it just keeps coming!

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