Call us biased, but we think our clients have had some of the most stylish and soulful weddings and with each celebration so vastly different from the next, our bride & groom’s each had a unique wedding day experience. With that in mind, we want to share their precious pearls of wisdom to you in this new blog series, 10 Questions with…

This week we sat down with super stylish past groom Stefano and spoke about all things groom style…from his skin routine, to how he chose his wedding day suit.

Wedding Date: 23rd Feb 2019
Suit: Dior Homme
Shirt: Dior Homme
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Accessories: Vintage Rolex and Black Velvet Lanvin Tie
Fragrance: Bois de Argent – Dior
Skincare products: Skin Angel, La Mer and Face Wash
What is your skincare routine?
I wish I had more of a routine, but I didn’t at the time. I would honestly just wash my face with a cleanser and then moisturise. However, since the wedding and obtaining the excellent advice of Angelina of Skin Angel, I definitely take more care of my skin and am more selective about the products I choose and use. I am a sucker for a tester so if anyone would give me anything to try I would always give it a go (shout out to stealing my wife’s Mecca samples), now, I will usually think twice, try not to buy into the hype as much, or message the legends at Skin Angel for the 411.
Did you have a special skincare routine leading up to your wedding day?
I didn’t have a strict routine. I tried to drink heaps of water and use anything that was ‘hydrating’ and/or ‘would magically remove pimples and blackheads’, but that didn’t work out too well for me … The day before my wedding I had massive breakouts on my cheeks. Thankfully Angelina was kind enough to rush me into her treatment room and work her absolute magic to heal and soothe my face, using all the super cool face things to fix me up. Genuinely woke up to my skin being 99% better (minus 1% as the bags under my eyes weren’t going to go away as I was too excited about the day and couldn’t get any sleep).
Walk us through your morning preparations on the day….
1. Pretend to have woken up from an amazing sleep (I say pretend because I didn’t sleep at all – too excited)
2. Had my morning coffee (or 2 or 3) and messaged my soon to be wife that I loved her and couldn’t wait to see her
3. Started to get ready around 9:00am, just the usual, doing my hair, having a shower, washing my face etc
4. After this, I got everything in the car and headed over to my mums house where it was an utter commotion of my big Italian family and respective groomsmen and grooms woman
5. Once Krystal came over that’s when things started to get super surreal – getting dressed into your ‘Wedding Suit’ is something that will 100% amp up that excitement
What kind of research did you do into your style on the day?
Having worked in suiting while I was studying at University I was very aware from very early on what I wanted. Also being in a suit Monday to Friday for work also meant that I wanted to find something that portrayed my style, but also made me feel like I wasn’t just going to work.
I loved the idea of having a black velvet suit, however, getting married in February meant that it was most likely going to be wait too hot for that, so I instead decided to go for a beautifully cut black suit, and then paired this with velvet accessories. I really love Italian 1960’s suiting cuts, so I tried to find something as close to that as possible, and then further tailored it to be fit how I wanted. It was a bit of a mission to find the accessories, but after some serious hunting down and investigation, I struck gold and, in my opinion, nailed my 1960’s Italian reference.
How long before your wedding did you organise your suit?
I was on the hunt from early on. It’s an important part of any Groom’s preparation and, as a result of the above, I had a lot riding on it to contribute to me feeling a certain way. I was looking everywhere, high and low, and it just so happened that Kim Jones first collection at Dior Homme dropped in stores at the time I was looking, so as soon as I saw it and tried it on, it was a bit of a no brainer.
Do you have any advice for future Grooms?
Everything that everyone will tell you in the lead up to your big day that you roll your eyes at for sounding lame and stereotypical is 100% true. The lead up is hectic, you care about things that wouldn’t normally bother you and the day does go SUPER fast. However, the moment that you see your bride for the first time on the day is genuinely the most amazing, breath taking and happy moment, and just really take your time to enjoy that moment, because it’s the only one of the day that is 100% yours and no one else’s. It’s not a shared experience, and in that moment, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE just fades away. Also, stay hydrated, gents.
Who is your style icon?
I don’t think I have one particular ‘icon’ per se… I take cues from all sorts of different people and I think I’m pretty consistent in what I like. I just like well-cut clothes, awesome fabrics and I don’t vary too much in silhouette. To me, it’s more about a feeling them emulating that which a certain person has done.
Full disclosure though, I have definitely purchased certain items because I saw someone else wearing them though (I’m looking at you, Mr. West), HOWEVER, it’s about then making that item your own and not just copying how that person wore it!
How would you describe your personal style?
I’d like to think that it’s kind of like if Prince, Kanye West, Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, David Bowie, Hedi Slimane and Johnny Cash had a baby who took a few cues from Jesus then that would be my style? Realistically though, Black and Tan are my vibes and I’m there if they are, you know?
What sort of things were you involved in planning for your day?
I think it’s pretty common knowledge that planning a wedding is a crazy, fun, stressful, happy, erratic time – so, in my opinion, it’s actually the best time to go through it all together with your partner. Lucky for me, my wife is a legend and Katrina and I like to think of ourselves as a pretty kick ass team (I obviously had no involvement in the wedding dress, in fact, Katrina was so secretive about this that only 3 people other than her dress maker knew anything about it). It also massively helps having an amazing team to work with. We were super blessed to have Lucy of Lulubird and Tara of Erin&Tara giving us so much helpful advice as well as helping us feel less anxious about the day.
After finding your suit, what was the process following that, i.e tailoring etc?
After I found my suit, I went straight into tailoring. As I mentioned previously, I worked in suiting while I was at uni studying and I had been through this process with millions of grooms (it was a bit of a trip being on the other side of the fence). I knew the way I wanted everything to sit and how I wanted it to look, right down to the length of the hem. I would say tailoring is more important than the suit itself, as these small details are a reflection of who you are as a person… the small details, are all cornerstones in telling a story about the man or woman that is wearing the suit.

Also, this was one of the only moments where all of the attention was on me, so best believe I milked it for all it was worth! I was lucky that my previous boss worked for another brand close to the shop where I purchased my suit from, so I actually had my wife run over there to ask him to come an pin my suit up for me (as he knew exactly how I liked my suits tailored) –

lucky for me he agreed to come over.
If you could relive your wedding day, is there anything you would do differently?
I’d be lying if I said there were little things that happened that were less than ideal, but realistically, nothing is ever perfect. To be completely honest, no matter what changes could have been made, as long as the story ended with me getting the girl, it’s was a perfect ending to me regardless of what things could have been done differently. The day was our day, and we got each-other forever, that all that matters.
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