How far in advance should we consider booking you?
As soon as you have your date locked in! We receive enquiries many months and often years in advance, so the sooner you contact us the greater your chances that we will be available for your date! However if we’re already booked, don’t be disheartened – as the demand for us to document your day increases, so too does our team – so it is always worth sending through an enquiry. Also, if you have several dates that you’re considering, please send them through and we can let you know who is available for those dates!
Do you travel interstate or internationally?
We love travelling and regularly travel interstate and internationally to capture weddings.
Planning a wedding can be overwhelming…
We understand that sometimes organising a wedding can feel like an overwhelming, slightly complicated, multifaceted to-do list. And unless you have a career in production, logistics or events, it will probably be the most significant organisational feat you personally accomplish. Weddings are our passion and through documenting many over the past 6 years, we have learned a thing or two about organising them! We want you to feel informed and supported by us through every step of your wedding journey and we (as well as our team) are available to you anytime via email or phone.
Can you recommend a videographer to us?
We most certainly can! If you are considering having a videographer also capture your day please let us know and we will send you through some recommendations of videographers that we work closely with and highly recommend. It is very important that your photographer and videographer both have a similar working style and can work together harmoniously to record your day. We will only send through recommendations for videographers that we worked with perviously and that we have built a wonderful professional relationships with. Otherwise, if there is a disconnect between the videographer and photographer (us), then that may lead to our work being compromised.
What is a lighting & timing consultation?
This is where we build your timeline for the day, to give suggestions of when best to schedule key moments, taking into account the time of year, the season and the location. Ideally we love to harness the best available light for your portraits, working in with your wedding day sequence and (where relevant) that beautiful window before sunset.
What is your approach on the day?
We are very relaxed photographers and we strive to ensure that you have a memorable day celebrating with your loved ones. Ultimately we’d like you to forget that we are even there. For the vast majority of your day we will capture images in a completely candid and natural manner. During your portrait time we will direct you towards the best light (but without asking you to pose!) allowing your day to unfold naturally.
We’re not comfortable in front of the camera…
You’re not alone – this is a comment that we hear a lot and we completely understand! We work hard to be as unobtrusive as possible so that you are not even aware of us and our cameras. This style of shooting creates a relaxed and natural day (for you) and a more authentic, beautifully photographic result. During the portrait time your job is simply to concentrate on how much you love one another, and we will document the rest! We may give you some simple instructions just to get you started, but then we will step back and let the magic unfold before our lens.
You were unavailable to photograph our wedding on the day, but can we book you for a portrait session after our wedding (on another day)?
Of course, and we often do portrait sessions. If you are interested in booking one simply contact us and we will send you through some information.
What is a private online gallery & print store?
This gallery will contain all of the edited images from the day and are a beautiful and convenient way to share your images with your loved ones and print your treasured memories. Each gallery is private as it is password protected so it can only be viewed by people who you choose to share the password with, so your images are very safe and secure.
How do you deliver our images?
We will initially send you a link to your online gallery which contains your low resolution images. Your high resolution images, which are perfect for printing, will be posted to you on a USB several weeks after you receive your online gallery.
How do I secure my date?
When you confirm that you would like to book us as your wedding photographer, we will send you some paperwork which includes an online contract as well as the 25% booking fee. Your date will be secure with us once we have received both the digitally signed contract and the booking fee.
Will you tentatively hold a date for us?
Due to the very high number of enquiries we receive it is just not possible (or fair) to place tentative holds on dates.
Is the booking fee refundable or transferable?
If you have to cancel your wedding, your booking fee is not refundable or transferable.
How do you describe your style?
Our style is documentary photography through a romantic lens. We capture your day through authentic and honest moments with an expressive, editorial eye, distilling your unique story into timeless photographs. We aim to capture not only the key moments, but the emotion and energy that was present – so that our imagery may transport you, long after the day.
How long until we receive our wedding photographs?
Image selection and editing is an integral part of our process, just as involved and meticulous as documenting the day itself. As such, we allow 6 weeks after your wedding to complete this step.
Do you retouch our photographs?
We edit every photo, this includes colour correction or removing a minor blemish.We do offer a premium after-service with your photo re-touching is performed by a specialist editor with over 15 years experience in fashion and beauty editorial and magazine photography.
Can we view your albums & magazines in person?
Of course. You can make an appointment to view them in our studio located at 176a Mollison St, Kyneton Victoria.
When is the final payment due?
Final payment is due 30 days prior to your wedding.
Do you take formal family photos?
We certainly do! This typically happens after the ceremony (following all of the congratulations) and we do ask that you provide us with a list of family photos that you would like.
Will my wedding photographs be watermarked?
Your gorgeous images will not have a watermark on them.
Are your photographs digital or film?
We are digital photographers.
Where are your albums/ Magazines made?
Our exquisite albums are each hand made in Italy, by a family owned workshop of artisans and our Magazines are made in Melbourne.
How many Magazines can I order?
You can order in batches of 2, 6, 10 or 20 for one design.
How do I provide my images for designing my album or magazines?
Once you have purchased your album or magazines, you will receive instructions on providing your images and the format that we require for print. They will need to be high res files and we can accept them via We Transfer. Upon purchase of your magazines or album, you will receive instructions via email on how to provide your images to us.
How many images do I need to supply for my Magazines?
For the Classic Magazine, we require up to 150 images. For the Luxe Magazine, we require up to 250 images.
How many images do I need to supply for my Album?
For the Lookbook, we require between 50 to 60 images. For the Wedding Album, we require between 100 to 120 images. For the Luxe Album, we require between 150 and 180 images.
What sizes are the Albums and Magazines?
Our sizes are as follows:
Classic & Luxe Magazine 210mm x 297mm
Lookbook 8” x 12”
Wedding Album 12” x 12”
Luxe Album 16” x 12”
Can you pick the images for my album/ magazine for me?
We certainly can! Going through hundreds or thousands of images can be overwhelming. For an additional fee of $500, you can send us all of your wedding images and we will go through and curate the images that we think will work best aesthetically for the design album or magazine.
What paper stock do you use?
As photographers ourselves, we know the importance of quality when it comes to printing photography. For our albums, your images are printed on the highest quality of museum archival canon deep matte paper. For our Magazines, we use a beautiful smooth paper for the internal pages (170gsm) and a Gloss Cello (300GSM) for the covers.
How does the design process work?
Once you have sent us your images, we ask that you allow 14 days for the first draft to be sent to you. We provide the opportunity for you to make changes (if required) on the first and second draft that we send through. After these two rounds of edits, there will be an additional design fee applicable per round of edits requested.
How long will it take to create my Magazine?
Following any revisions and approval of the final design of your magazine, please allow a minimum of 3 weeks.
How long will it take to create my Album?
Following any revision and approval of the final design of your album, as these are handcrafted in Italy, please allow a minimum of 7 weeks.
Can I customise my Magazines or Wedding Album?
Yes you certainly can! For an additional fee of $450, we have a talented team of designers that can work with you on a custom design, incorporating your own font, wedding logo, colours etc.
Can I order a sample Magazine to see what they look like in person?
Yes you can! Our sample magazines are $50.
How are these shipped?
We use carefully designed packaging to protect your Album or Magazines which we then ship with DHL to the address you entered at purchase. We will send you the tracking information via email once these have been shipped where you can check delivery times.
Do you offer refunds or returns on the Albums or Magazines?
As these are custom made items, we do not offer returns or refunds. Please review the drafts we send to you carefully as they will be final.
Do you only offer albums and magazines for weddings?
No, we can create an album or magazine for everything. Whether it’s a family album, baby album, portfolio, if you have the high res print files, we can create it.
How can I care for my Album or Magazine?
For the longevity of your beautiful hand-crafted heirloom, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight and in a well ventilated room. Avoid storing these in an area where they may be subjected to extreme heat or humidity. We suggest always storing your Albums inside the original Box and stored flat to avoid stretching the binding. When your album is not being viewed, please ensure that it is closed and never laid open for long periods of time.
Dust as needed with a soft, dry cloth and if necessary a warm damp cloth can be used on the leather cover of your album but avoid this on any paper within your Album or Magazine. Avoid rubbing as you may damage the surface of your Album or Magazine. Ensure that it is always handled with clean hands and on clean surfaces and always ensure to take the album out of the box and lay on a flat clean surface to view it.