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Long after the visceral memories of the day have passed, the magic from your wedding day should remain immortalised through photography, allowing you a unique opportunity to be transported right back, whenever you choose. We’ve long believed the most stunning way to experience this magic-carpet-ride of re-visiting isn’t via a slide show or digital browsing, but through the tangible turning of pages. Images printed in an album so stunning, it reflects the beauty of the celebration itself. With wedding photography one of the most significant yet worthy investments in your big day – the album from your wedding should outlast everything, as an incredible keepsake.

Hand crafted in Italy by a family owned group of artisans, our wedding albums are printed on fine art paper and bound in luxurious leather, each album is housed in a box and finished with bespoke monogramming. Created as the final piece of your wedding day story, we consider them an elegant statement, a potent reminder and a future heirloom.