As firm believers that on your wedding day, the most relaxed and beautiful brides look and feel exactly like themselves – our ultimate aspiration is to see brides look and feel like their most natural, most glowy, most luminous and spectacularly sensational version of themselves. And if you prescribe to the idea that dream skin is when skin looks like skin (vs. skin that looks like makeup) we cannot recommend enough enlisting the help of a professional, just as you would with your wedding gown, florals or photography. After all, skin specialists do this for a living, and with a little forward planning, your on-the-day make-up can be applied with the lightest of touch, allowing your natural ‘bridal glow’ to steal all the limelight.
We caught up with Angelina of Melbourne’s (befittingly named) Skin Angel, to shed some light on this holy grail of beauty. The myths & misconceptions, the most common skin mistakes a bride can make pre-wedding, plus her ultimate (every woman should read this) piece of advice…
We’re already complete converts to your magical face transformations, but for the uninitiated, what exactly do you do and how do you do it?
My work is a combination of clinical corrective therapies and traditional beauty treatments. I treat a myriad of skin concerns particularly the effects of ageing with the belief skin ageing presents in many forms of concerns, sun damage/pigmentation, break down of collagen and elastin resulting in fine lines wrinkle open pores and textural changes course or rough skin textures. I also treat a lot of inflammatory hormonal skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and eczema & melasma. At Skin Angel we customise prescriptive skin regimes while each one is unique they all ground in our philosophy of combining our in-clinic “treatment regime” and at home-care “product regime”. It’s so rewarding to achieve results together when a bride is dedicated and disciplined about improving her skin. In clinic treatment regimes are a combination of our procedural and corrective treatments, clinical facials & LED light therapy.
What are some of the most common mistakes you see brides make in the lead up to their wedding, skincare wise?
Trailing new skincare products within the month of the wedding. It’s common for a bride to recommend the most amazing product or they may have read about it in a article but it’s important to remember our skin is very individual and this isn’t a time to be experimenting and adjusting their skincare regimes to new product formulations. My policy for all my brides is they must be using all products formulations in their skin regime for at least a month prior to the wedding. Another very common mistake is leaving it to late to address skin concerns prior to the wedding, they may have needed to be addressed 3, 6 even 12 months in advance. My advice would be to have a skin consultation in as much advance as possible to discuss their skin concerns were I can personalise a regime to treat their individual concerns prior to the day.
Let’s talk ‘skin’ versus ‘complexion’. What exactly is the difference? (and which treatments addresses which)
When I talk about ‘skin’ I’m referring to the health of our skin. Skin health is when our skin is in homoeostasis which means when the function of the skin is in balance. Facials & LED light therapy will treat the health of the skin as we exfoliate hydrate and infuse active ingredients into the skin to normalise the function of the skin and LED light therapy increase blood flow re-oxygenates and promote cellular renewal. “Complexion” is a term we refer to describe the tone & texture of our skin. An uneven complexion usually consists of a muddled tone – diffused redness accumulated pigmentation and potentially congestion, a few breakouts which may leave behind a touch of PIH (post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation) scaring. The accumulation of some of these conditions can lead to an uneven complexion. A rough texture is a result of the build up of dead skin cells and breakdown of collagen & elastin resulting in dull lacklustre fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, loss of volume and enlarged pores. Laser Genesis is a phenomenal treatment stimulating neo-collagenesis – collagen and elastin formation to smooth, plump, tighten and refine pores. Our go-to treatment for complexion is our procedural & corrective Laser Facial. A skin rejuvenating photo facial – the 2D laser & light facial treats imperfections, stimulates dermal collagen and tightens skin tissue.
Is your best skin best achieved from targeting the inside or the outside? (and how?)
I take a holistic approach to treating skin and genuinely believe your best skin is from treating both the inside and the outside it’s the combination that delivers the best results.
…and what are the benefits of each approach? (inside vs. outside)
As the inevitable ageing process begins we actually don’t naturally make new collagen & elastin fibres and our cellular renewal slows down dramatically. Modern facials combining with lasers and light therapies we can actually stimulate our natural processes in the skin to produce new collagen & elastin fibres and increase our cellular turn over by utilising these innovative technologies. This is what’s known as Anti – ageing! When treating the inside we look at supporting our digestive system and feeding the skin nutrients rich in antioxidants to help combat cellular damage, pre & probiotics designed to heal and promote good gut health. Our bodies need vital nutrients to support the formation of new skin cells & collagen elastin fibres. I work closely with a naturopath for more complex internal gut health assessments.
To achieve best wedding-day results, how far in advance should brides consider kicking off a new (or improved) skin regime?
The length of the treatment regime is determined by the bride herself the skin concerns and health of her skin at present. Most brides require a 6 months regime but for more serious concerns like serve acne, scarring or fine lines & wrinkles a 12month regime may be recommended. Although it can be variable and does depend on the severity of the concern for example – the severity of the acne / the depth of scarring and the loss of collagen & elastin required to be rejuvenated & renewed.
The single biggest skin ‘myth’?
Outer myth – that SPF 50+ offers a far greater protection than 30+ And sunscreen alone is enough to protect our skin from premature ageing. I firmly believe we must shade our faces from the sun during long periods of exposures (30mins or more) as even tho we do have SPF on our skin will still produce melanin when exposed to UV, therefore, resulting in uneven skin tone – UV induced pigmentation. Inner myth – That drinking water alone will hydrate your skin. Unfortunately only a very small percentage of the water intake we consume actually reaches our skin as it goes to our vital organs first. It’s still extremely important to have minimum 2L of water a day to support the liver in the elimination of toxins which supports skin health rather than actually hydrating our skin from within.
The best kept skin ’secret’?
It won’t be a secret if I tell you, what I will tell you is that to achieve the most radiant complexion we must remember that not just your face, but you neck and decolletage is on display too. The singular best piece of parting advice you’d love to share with every single woman who desires more beautiful skin, every single day….Your skin is a reflection of your health & prevention is key to radiant beautiful skin. Although every skin is unique I recommend we all apply a hydrating antioxidant serum every morning to hydrate & fight free radicals followed by a physical broad spectrum. Include a retinol serum in your night regime to renew skin texture boost cellular renewal and thicken the deeper layer of our skin our collagen – this means plumper & hydrated skin. We must feed our skin with organic whole foods to support our digestive system and avoid / limit our intake of dairy, gluten, sugar and alcohol as they are inflammatory to prevent our skin from digest- ageing.
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