Arguably one of the most romantic components of planning a wedding, and perhaps one of the most agonised details (second only to the dress), flowers can set the tone, mood, colour palette and – lets be honest – often much of the wow-factor of on the day styling.

Just like finding a gown designer or photographer whose work you adore – every florist has their own unique aesthetic and approach so it’s important to choose someone whose work you love, and execution you trust. Having an experienced team at the helm of your floral fantasy will ensure you receive not only the most beautiful blooms and arrangements on the day, but the best advice (on everything from seasonality to budget) in the lead up.

We caught up with kindred creatives Vanessa & Caris (of Prunella amazingness) to talk floral trends, secret tips, stunning styling and common misconceptions when planning your flowers. Behind many of the epic installations you’ve probably saved on Pinterest, Prunella are responsible for some of the most jaw dropingly beautiful installations we’ve photographed. The kind of the scale and proportion that makes you wonder if they secretly worked all night (like floral fairies) on the eve of an event.

Read on for an insight into their world and some valuable advice for planning your own floral adventure, whatever it looks like…

What would you describe as your Prunella signature?
A wild abundant floral aesthetic – always lots of beautiful, fragrant, garden roses.

Can you trace your love of blooms to a specific time / influence / lightbulb moment?
 We were both exposed to nature in a way we hadn’t been before, when we moved to the Macedon Ranges almost 10 years ago.  It’s when we met and began our business together.

Most people think working with flowers must be all…
playing with flowers!!!!

But in reality, it’s more…
limited time schedules, logistics, packing vans, unpacking vans, midnight bump outs and plenty of admin!!!!

A wedding is probably the most engagement mere mortals will have with so many flowers on a single day. What’s the most common misconception that you help couples with, when it comes to planning their flowers?
People often say “I hate roses” but often they have never seen (or smelt!) a real life garden rose. It’s one of our favourite misconceptions to alleviate!

What does a typical ‘behind the scenes’ wedding day look like, for a florist?
Please see above (re: limited time schedules, logistics, packing vans, unpacking vans, midnight bump outs & admin) along with early mornings, buckets of coffee and constantly checking the weather.

Let’s talk seasonality…Spring is the most popular time to celebrate nuptials with agreeable temperatures and a magnificent abundance of blooms. What are the lesser known perks for celebrating in Summer, Autumn or even Winter? 
Summer is beautiful for Hydrangeas, Garden roses and balmy summer evenings, particularly at an outdoor venue.  Autumn lends itself to spectacular Autumn foliage, the last of the garden roses and dahlias.  While Winter has a stunning dark and moody palette all of its own…think Helebores and Cymbidium orchids.

Which of these seasons is your personal favourite to work with?
Our favourite seasons are Spring and Autumn but every season is divine for different reasons, as long as you embrace the season and seasonal blooms. Winter is a time of year often overlooked for weddings, but the mood and atmosphere that can be created with candlelight and flowers is magical – especially at character filled venues like our Churchill.

How important is pairing the signature style of florist and client, finding the right ‘fit’ between their vision and yours?
The flow is always better when a client really embraces your signature style as a florist. They will always get the best result when you are allowed to create freely rather than being too hemmed in.  A flexible but clear vision allows for interpretation and for us to embrace the season.

What’s the most common budgeting heartache you see couples experience, with floral expectations versus reality?
Sometimes couples wish to spread their budget too thinly and want too many things. We help them by focussing their budget on one amazing, heart stopping floral feature, be it a giant urn overflowing with flowers or a suspended floral installation –  and cutting out some of the smaller items.

A wedding trend you’d be happy to see less of…
DIY with too many elements

Something you would really love to see more of / instead…
Classic, European inspired glamour

A piece of parting advice Prunella would love to share with anyone planning a wedding…
Don’t be too fixed or inflexible – sometimes there’s a better option.  Trust the people that you have chosen and give them the freedom to create your vision so that you can relax and have a beautiful day rather than worrying about all the little details.  It’s such a short but magical moment and you want to enjoy it!

E&T x

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